Third Party Payer Follow-up

The management team for Account Recovery Services includes experienced staff from the medical billing and insurance claims payable industry.

We are familiar with how to follow up on unpaid medical claims relating to third party payers from insurance coverage eligibility to appeals. Our ARS professionals will continue to follow through until the debt is satisfied.

The ARS Advantage

As an ARS client, we will essentially operate as an extension to your business office. Account Recovery Services Third Party Follow Up solutions assist your staff and follow up on unpaid medical claims by handling older third-party insurance and managed care accounts.

Finally Close Open Claims Accounts

Third Party Follow-up is often a time consuming, research and resource intensive process that can go on for months or even years. Our experienced staff will manage those accounts until all unpaid medical claims have a final resolution. You can finally close open claims accounts without the need for additional internal resources.

For additional information on all of our debt collection agency services, contact our office. We proudly serve our clients in the state of Rhode Island ( RI ) and neighboring Massachusetts ( MA ).


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