The self-pay collection services at Account Recovery Services, also known as pre-collection, reduces the number of days in accounts receivable and productively increases your overall collection efforts. As patients have become responsible for larger portions of their health care bills and copays, it is supremely important to utilize a self-pay collection service that provides the highest level of customer service that is supportive and empathetic to your patients. Our experienced self pay collections staff will work directly with you to ensure that each of your accounts is collected in a manner that best suits your needs and is reflective of your best intention for your patients.

Results Driven & Cost-Effective Approaches

The self-pay collection program specialists from Account Recovery Services can meet with you to discuss your individual needs. We will assist in designing results driven and cost-effective approaches to your short-term accounts receivable cash flow needs.

Unlike many other debt collection companies, ARS offers you a flexible and customizable approach to your self pay collection efforts and will tailor a program best suited to your business model and individual needs. Please call or email us with questions about our self-pay collection services or any of our other services.

For additional information on all of our debt collection agency services, contact our office. We proudly serve our clients in the state of Rhode Island ( RI ) and neighboring Massachusetts ( MA ).


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